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Our bespoke lessor service for narrowbody aircraft

Speedy turnaround with no quality shortcuts… that’s what you can expect from AcroAccelerate.

We’ve responded to the specific needs of aircraft lessors with a production promise specifically tailored to suit the time-constraints and performance demands of the sector. This bespoke service for narrowbody aircraft accelerates lease transitions by offering pre-designed seat specifications for pre-defined layouts.

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Refresh your aircraft efficiently with Express lead-times from receipt of PO with AcroAccelerate.

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Available in our most popular products, the Series 3 Recline and Series 6 Fixed Back and Recline, AcroAccelerate delivers the robust engineering, low maintenance and swift customer support which are the hallmarks of all Acro seating, with outstanding lifetime value contributing to your organisations’ ongoing profitability.

The options may be ‘off the shelf’, but they come with a well-considered range of customisable options and modular add-ons, designed to reflect unique brand identity.

Throughout the expedited lead time, our dedicated key account management team will smooth the way with service as exceptional as our product design. And our service doesn’t end when we ship your order: every pax built in our new state of the art facility comes with complete AcroCare aftermarket support.

Check out our options to build your own version of the Acro Series 3, Series 6 or Series 9 seats… and discover how AcroAccelerate can help build your business.”
  • Express lead times from receipt of PO
  • Choice of seat types to suit Lessor requirements
  • Fast track aircraft transition
  • Pre-defined layout and seat features
  • Available for A320/B737 retrofit aircraft (HIC certified)
  • Colour options available
  • Bespoke Service

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