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Acro Aircraft Seating is a world class provider of aircraft seating solutions. We have amazing people who do amazing work and have the drive, innovation and vision to disrupt and redefine aircraft seating solutions.

We are looking for world-class talent, the red tulips, individuals who are comfortable being uncomfortable, who love a challenge and live to thrive in an entrepreneurial fast paced environment. The Acro Academy was founded in 2023 to support and accelerate the development of our leaders at every level and be the best we can be. Innovation requires a willingness to see it differently, a willingness to change and with 23 different nationalities, we can leverage and learn from the voices and opinions of many different backgrounds, histories, experience and expertise.

We love what we do, we help our employees be the best they can whilst utilising our diversity to find better ways of working across sales, support, design, test and build. Diversity makes us better, Choosing to lead is a choice.


The Acro Academy focus is to tap the potential of every individual to help them improve their performance. As well as hiring new talent we believe in developing our own. The Academy provides a platform to learn, giving access to a variety of digital programs, subject specific training and signature leadership and management programs such as “ACHIEVE” our People Manager program, LEAP our Senior Leader program, and LIFT, our high potential young future leader program and Women Future Leaders program (WFL) supporting our drive for equity and inclusion.

The Academy also offers a range of short agile programs that are subject specific such as, Advanced Presentations skills, influence and negotiation, Crucial Conversations, Building Resilience, Interviewer Training and Coaching skills.


We believe you learn every day. Connected Coaching supports the learning, keeps a focus on performance whilst also accelerating leadership capability. In 2022 we introduced Connected Coaching. Starting at the top, through to Directors and Senior Managers, Connected Coaching by the end of 2023 will roll out to all employees. All managers will have the know-how and tools to coach, every employee will have an appointed connected coach to support them in reaching their goals, accelerating personal development, and maximising opportunities to progress through internal promotion as the business grows.

Acro is building an agile learning culture so our employees can be the best they can be and we can deliver best in class seating solutions for our customers.

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