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Environmental Policies

At Acro we are not only proactively managing the environmental impacts arising from our own operations, we are also contributing to the wider and hugely complex issues surrounding the control of aviation’s impact on the global environment.

As a leading aircraft seat supplier, globally recognised for innovation, Acro is uniquely well positioned to develop products that support a sustainable world. Right now, around the world, our lighter weight seating is enabling our airline and leasing company customers to reduce cabin weight and fuel burn. We are continuously working in partnership with key suppliers who are themselves leading the way in the development of innovative and sustainably sourced materials and finishes with low impact on the environment … and, increasingly, we are incorporating sustainable materials in our new product development process. We even collaborate with our core suppliers in the development of recyclable and reusable packaging solutions.

Our move to our modern new manufacturing site at Crick has made us greener than ever before, using sustainable energy supplied via a nearby windfarm, introducing new processes and machinery and facilitating greener transport with electric vehicle charge points on site.

Environmental concerns colour every aspect of our work in the design and manufacture of high-quality aircraft seats for the world market and we are dedicated to operating in a manner that protects the environment and prevents pollution in the most practicable ways.

In order to manage the environmental impacts of our manufacturing operations, we have implemented and maintaining an Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of BS EN ISO14001: 2015.

This is empowering us to:

  • Integrate environmental considerations into existing business systems so that we not only comply with environmental legislation, but invariably seek to go above and beyond compliance.
  • Implement rigorous monitor and review systems, benchmarking against improvement objectives and targets to ensure our continuous improvement.
  • Improve efficiency in the use of raw materials, chemicals, energy and the reduction of hazardous waste.
  • Reduce waste generated from process activities and utilise waste minimisation philosophies to promote reuse, recycling or power generation.
  • Make adequate provision for dealing with all emergency situations on site.
  • Ensure that employees, contractors, visitors and third parties are aware of and able to meet their individual and collective responsibilities in regard to our Environmental Policies and understand how we prioritise sound environmental performance.
  • Ensure environmental concerns are fully considered as we change, develop and improve business activities, processes and products, ready to ‘Fly In The Future’.

Site environmental representatives, with the active support of our Senior Management Team, are responsible for implementing Environmental Policies and overseeing improvements to site environmental performance, but protecting the environment is everyone’s business – so we are all involved and all responsible for doing more, and for doing things better.