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People Safety

At ACRO we believe Safety and Wellbeing First Always!

Our people are the most precious commodity to our company, and we must keep them safe at all times.

All injuries are preventable, we strive to achieve Zero and Lost Time Accidents.

Safety and wellbeing are central to our organisation. We know through these challenging times it is not just safety which is of paramount importance but their mental health too. Healthy workforce – Productive Work Force!

At ACRO we want our staff members to feel safe and that we care about them. Building on these values is key to employee retention and productivity thus building on a culture that is embedded in every one of them regardless of their position in the business.

Through continuous improvement and engagement, we are confident we will achieve a Zero accidents / Healthy workforce Culture!


ACRO are committed to reducing its impact on the environment through constant improvements of our Operations and Supply chain activities.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

With KEY 2025 objectives in place this will set a good platform to propel us in reducing our Carbon emissions within our operations and supply chain. We are not complacent and recognise this is not without a challenge, but a challenge accepted.

ACRO are already getting 30% of its energy through Solar PV at our headquarters. Through more initiatives we know we can do better and are confident we will support the UK commitment in achieving Net Zero by 2050 under the Climate Change Act.


Acro’s innovative approach to aircraft seat design aims to deliver maximum benefit for airlines and passengers alike.

Finding creative solutions to utilise every inch of cabin space more efficiently, we enable high cabin density without compromising passenger experience. With the drive to continually reduce operating costs and environmental impact, our analysis-led structural design delivers highly optimised seats using the latest materials, that are safe, reliable yet incredibly low weight.

Our collaborative and creative approach recognises that each and every airline is unique. Whether the requirement is for a short lead-time standard product with our Acro Accelerate program, or for a highly customised product.

Our multi-disciplinary in-house Industrial Design, Engineering, Analysis and Test teams will understand your individual requirements and deliver ultimate style, comfort and usability in a lightweight yet robust package.

Quality Assurance

At Acro we are committed to customer satisfaction and our success is built on our capable people and effective processes, which are central to ensuring quality of design, product manufacture and high standards of service.

Through clear understanding of our customer requirements and compliance to industry regulations we have developed a robust Business Management System (BMS) which forms the foundation for consistently delivering on our commitments for quality, cost, delivery and safety of our products and services.

At Acro we don’t stand still, we drive continual improvement in all areas of the business to apply error-proofing, repeatability, and elimination of waste.  Increasing process maturity and delivering greater results and customer satisfaction.

Our Suppliers are a critical to delivering on our commitments and promises.  Hence, Acro works closely with our suppliers and holds them to the same high standards that we place on ourselves.  Our suppliers must be fully committed to consistently achieve high levels of compliance and performance.

Our accreditations

ACRO Supplier Quality Manual and General Terms and Conditions of Purchase