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Josh Clark - Bid Manager

Josh joined Acro in October 2022 as Bid Manager to support the Sales Team grow Acro’s market share by providing first class customer service and consultation to all customers.

Josh is a competent professional with a proven ability to embrace new initiatives influenced by industry and market changes, creating a winning customer experience by identifying and anticipating their needs, which shows through a successful track record of embracing a business’s ethos, culture and values.

Josh strives for outstanding performance and set challenging goals and targets. He demonstrates initiative and take charge in accelerating the business with a focus on providing solutions and driving issues to closure.

Josh maintains a high level of fitness and enjoys pushing himself both mentally and physically, which has taught him diligence, discipline and effectiveness in researching new ways of training and effective nutrition.

Aside from fitness, he is also an avid film lover, competent skier and have a passion for travelling.

He enjoys the practical nature of designing and creating. Another of his great interest is motor sports, especially F1 and has a big passion for anything to do with fast cars.