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Acro Series 9 Retrofit For Electra Airways

Acro Aircraft Seating has been awarded a retrofit contract to provide its elegantly versatile Series 9 Fixed Back seats to Electra Airways, the European charter and AMCI airline, part of the Vector Group.

The seating for up to fifteen Airbus 320 and 321 aircraft will feature custom trim and finish, reflecting the airline’s distinctive rich red corporate colour palette. The first shipset will be delivered at the end of 2023, for installation on the first A320 in early 2024.

Announcing the contract, Neil Cairns, CEO of Acro, said, “We are delighted to have secured this latest award with Electra Airways, and look forward to starting work on its bespoke version of our Series 9 FB, the aircraft seat which breaks the mould when it comes to comfort and space creation, delivering exceptional living space even in high density cabins. Class-leading pax width has been achieved without compromise to either armrest or aisle width, providing passengers with outstanding stretch-out legroom even at a reduced pitch and giving crew ample working space. Importantly, the clean lines and reduced part count support low maintenance and fast turnaround.

“Electra Airways’ version of the seat looks tremendous and really plays into its stylish yet classic livery and we look forward to seeing it take to the air early next year.”

Commenting on the new onboard look for Electra’s A320 family, Stefan Trifonov, CEO with the airline said, “As a leading provider of charter flights in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, we understand the importance of providing a high level of comfort to our passengers and making a lasting impression on them. The appearance and comfort of our aircraft, play a very important role in achieving this. Our collaboration has resulted in bespoke seating that not only aligns with our brand values but also meets our high standards and those of our esteemed passengers for years to come.”

Electra Airways’ CEO emphasizes Acro seats’ sustainability edge, boasting a remarkable 99% recyclability of seat components, a pivotal factor behind their selection as the airline’s seating partner.

Electra Airways is committed to providing passengers with an unparalleled travel experience, and the addition of Acro’s Series 9 Fixed Back seating is a testament to this commitment, promising style, comfort, and reliability on every journey.