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Acro Aircraft receives Premium Supplier rating from Airbus

Acro Aircraft Seating has been selected by Airbus as Premium Supplier for Economy Class and Premium Economy Class Seats of the BFE catalogue 2023 July release, an influential independent endorsement of Acro’s focus on quality and execution across the design and manufacturing processes.

The supplier support rating for buyer-furnished equipment is published as part of the Airbus Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) Product Catalogue to guide customers during their equipment selection process. This rating, which is reviewed every 6 months, is based on three criteria: Delivery performance – Quality Performance – Technical Performance.

Earning ‘Premium Supplier’ status from Airbus is viewed as a major achievement and Neil Cairns, Chief Executive of Acro, is understandably delighted at this latest mark of confidence.

Neil Cairns, Acro’s CEO

“This award takes our longstanding partnership with Airbus and our customers to a new level and we look forward to reaping the commercial benefits which this rating will unlock for our business across the world.


As ‘Premium Supplier’ indicates, we’re not only setting the bar high on innovative design, we are also delivering on the essential practicalities which make our products very robust and reliable in operation. Across the entire journey from design to delivery, we have positioned ourselves as a high performing and trusted supplier. Our superb Economy and Premium Class seating is thoughtfully conceived, making it lighter and more sustainable than ever before, whilst ensuring outstanding value for our customers: a key priority in a challenging marketplace.


We look forward to deepening our relationship with Airbus as, together, we work to achieve the high technical, logistic and quality standard required to meet rising customer expectations and set new standards for our industry.”