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Visible Sustainability at Acro


Welcome to the Future: Series 9…is 99%  Recyclable!

At Acro we have developed a sustainability strategy with a key focus on reducing our carbon footprint.  Our lightweight, efficient designs ensure we help reduce weight and fuel consumption in air travel.  We are very proud of our newly launched Series 9 seat which offers a 98.83% recyclable structure. Our innovative engineers have carefully selected materials to reduce weight and that are recyclable to ensure we maximise sustainability of our product. This in turn supports our customers with their sustainability goals.

In partnership with AIRA (Aircraft Interior Recycling Association) our customers will now be armed with a clear direction of each component element that can be recycled but furthermore the CO2 they can claim back when recycled at end-of-life stage.

As well as product sustainability as part of our wider plan we are improving across all areas of the business. In less than 5 months at Acro headquarters, since installing the solar PV thus far we have saved 10 tonnes of C02 and planted the equivalent of 605 trees. Simple but effective!

Stephen Hope, Health, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability Manager

Continued seat Innovation that supports sustainability is vitally important for our industry. At Acro we will relentlessly innovate and drive sustainability across our products, processes, people, and our facilities

Some of our other sustainability projects in action: –

  • Recycling, our recycle rate already at 84% and with our green day planned in June we hope to extend this further. Our goal is to be 95% recyclable by 2025!
  • Waste Reduction: We are working hard with our suppliers to reduce packaging and looking at more improved sustainable packaging materials.
  • Electric Cars/Electric Charging Points installed and plans to add more.
  • We are also looking at other Energy improvements – Watch this space!
Neil Cairns, CEO

We are making progress and delivering the world’s first 99% Recyclable seat is just the beginning. Sustainability across all areas of the business will remain a key priority at Acro

Acro is committed to continuing to prioritise sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact and improve aerospace industry performance.

We realise we have much work to do in our drive to be net zero by 2030 but with our team at ACRO we are confident in achieving this.