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Spring Airlines select Acro Aircraft Seating for 60 Line fit Aircraft

Spring 3

Acro Aircraft Seating are delighted to announce that its Series 3 Economy Class seat has been selected by Spring Airlines, the largest privately owned Low Cost airline in China for 60 Airbus A320/321 aircraft.

Acro’s ‘Series 3 exemplifies the fundamental design principles of comfort and simplicity. At 63 parts per triple, it offers unrivalled reliability and ownership costs, combined with all the legroom advantages of the monospar chassis it shares with other Acro seat types. The new ‘plus’ variant of Series 3 features a larger tray table. This will deliver both an enhanced passenger experience and a weight reduction for the operator. Deliveries will commence in Q3 2018.

- Alan McInnes, Senior Vice President Sales of Acro said

“We are particularly excited that Spring Airlines are our first customer in China. Our Series S3FB, continues to attract new customers as it delivers exceptional comfort with an extremely low cost of ownership for the hard working fleet of the LCC operator.”