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New Cabin Technologies May Help Restore Passenger Confidence


Thierry Dubois for Aviation Week


Al Roots, Acro’s Head of Industrial Design talks to Aviation Week about our anti-microbial solutions.

As travel restrictions relax, will passenger demand return? Carriers and aircraft manufacturers worry that the fear of coronavirus propagation may prevent the desire for travel from growing back to profitable levels. Industry players can therefore be expected to do everything they can to boost passenger confidence.

In fact, action taken by civil aviation authorities, such as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) passenger management guidelines, already sets high prevention standards. EASA’s health safety protocol notably deals with thermal screening at the airport and the use of face masks. Add the existing air conditioning systems onboard, which include hospital-type filters, and passenger health can arguably be seen as taken care of.

Nevertheless, carriers may want to show passengers they are going the extra mile to protect them. If perception is reality, how passengers feel will dictate a carrier’s revenues. Hence the business case for the numerous technologies cabin equipment suppliers are pitching.

Acro Aircraft Seating is exploring a collaboration with Addmaster, a supplier of additives for materials. The idea is to incorporate the Biomaster antimicrobial technology, which has been in service with London’s public transportation system for five years, into aircraft seat parts such as armrests.


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