Series 3

Series 3

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Series 3

Aircraft types
Boeing 767
Boeing 737 NG
Airbus A321
ATR 72-600
Boeing 757
Boeing 737 Classic
Aibus A320
Boeing 747
Airbus A330
ATR 42
About the
Series 3

Series 3 is a new take on the economy-class seat – designed to give discerning airline operators a seat that provides a differentiated passenger experience.

Starting with a lightweight, low maintenance design, based around the Acro Monospar chassis - with only 63 components per ‘triple’ - we utilised Extraspatial Design to unlock two inches more legroom than conventional seats at the same pitch and created a seat with the lowest operational cost of any aircraft seat.

Available in fixed back or reclining versions, with the ability to add innovative premium-level features, Series 3 brings unsurpassed levels of comfort to the economy cabin.

Series 3 product features
• Extraspatial Design unlocks the ‘space within the space’
• 2” more legroom than conventional seats
• Available in both fixed back and reclining versions
• Lightweight, low maintenance based on Acro Monospar chassis
• Lowest operational cost seat solution its class
• Standard or Airbus optimised size configurations:
- Available with window and aisle passenger seat widths of 18.1”, and a centre seat width of 19.3”
- Designed to optimise the capacity of the Airbus cabin
• IFE ‘Option Ready’ space - Upper pocket area designed to incorporate a range of audio IFE systems

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Our passenger comfort levels are significantly increased by the Acro Ultra seat, which at 29” pitch gives legroom comparable to a conventional seat at 32”.

For Primera, the cost savings associated with weight reduction and maintenance of this very durable seat are an essential part of staying competitive in today’s market.

Odd Gomsrud Director
Technical Operations
Primera Air

We searched the market for a robust, lightweight and reliable seat that would enhance the image of our cabin. The Acro seat was the clear winner – we checked with existing users and have done even better than we expected. It is an ideal seat for this aircraft

Mick Conlon
Director of Engineering
Aer Arann

Our passengers think that the Acro Superlight offers excellent overall comfort. We appreciate the durable design and light weight through minimal maintenance costs and future fuel savings…

Andrey Yurikov
Engineering Manager