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Hawaiian Airlines Selects Acro’s Series 3


Acro Aircraft Seating’s “Superlight ST” (Small Table) slim-line Economy Class seats have been successfully delivered and installed on the first of the 18 B717s belonging to Hawaiian Airlines’ fleet.

Superlight ST seat exemplifies the fundamental design principal of simplicity and features a small solid aluminum table, sized and designed for complimentary beverage service and the use of a tablet device. It has been chosen by different airlines in the US to support their successful and profitable operations.

- said Cameron Allan, Executive Vice President for Acro Aircraft Seating

“Hawaiian Airlines are renowned for their world class product quality and service and I’m delighted that we’re working in partnership on this seating project. With Acro seats now bringing greater comfort to the passengers of four well known US airlines it’s a very exciting time for us”

Superlight ST’s fixed back, lightweight, low maintenance design incorporates all the comfort advantages and allows the passengers to enjoy their onboard experience thanks to the improved legroom. The new seat covers, designed for Hawaiian by the US based designer paulwylde, shows a dynamic wave detail which connects travelers with the elements of the islands through earth tones and accents of fuchsia and sky blue. The retrofit of the entire B717 fleet will be completed by the end of 2015.